JOURNEES DE LA MODE EN ALGERIE 2015 - Thank you! / by Zorana Janjic

Thank you so much for this amazing experience, Institut Francais de Constantine, Institut Francais d'Alger, Institut Francais d'Annaba, Maison Mediterraneenne de Metiers de la Mode, Jean-Francois Albat, Youssama Chabane, Hafed Abdeghani, Amina Djelouat, Kenzaz Souffi Bachir, David Queinnec, Bemas Chan Po Yuan, Eric Dubois, Mohamed Mehaoudi and beautiful models of the ADA Dream Agency, My-Linh Mary, Basma Omar, Sarra Bouchenafa, Ahmed Bouchenafa, Amor Guellil, Caroline Hanny, Eytan Jan, Charles Guillemin, Cecile Chabert and Marion Testa! It was great meeting you and doing this wonderful tour with all of you! Love, Zorana

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