Mediterranean Fashion Prize 2014: MFP Laureats 2014 / by Zorana Janjic

MFP Laureats 2014:    Lotocoho (Spain),   Zorana Janjic (France),     Gaffer and Fluf (Greece),   Frau Blau (Israel),   Miryaki (Italy),   Bird on a Wire (Lebanon),   La Nouvelle (France),     Maid in Love (Turkey),   Karoui Luxury Fashion ( Tunisia),   I-Folky (Morocco)    Photo:   © Guillaume Gilloux

MFP Laureats 2014:

Lotocoho (Spain), Zorana Janjic (France), Gaffer and Fluf (Greece), Frau Blau (Israel), Miryaki (Italy), Bird on a Wire (Lebanon), La Nouvelle (France), Maid in Love (Turkey), Karoui Luxury Fashion ( Tunisia), I-Folky (Morocco)

Photo: © Guillaume Gilloux

Huge thank you to the team of MMMM for the great organisation, hard work and for bringing us all together. Also a big thanks to our experts for all their efforts and advices. I'm very looking forward to our collaboration.
And of course, big thanks to all the designers, it was great meeting all of you! Z.